Service Advantages


WSG recognizes the great potential of the market, supplies the superior performance and the richness of glass processing source. It is also proud of the domestic resource advantages, and procurement needs all over the world. Keep up with the technology, keep pace with the world. To foster a professional team dedicated to innovative development, production and distribution of quality glass products, in the pursuit of our customers' complete satisfaction.

■ Domestic Manufacturer
■ Adjacent to Hong Kong,
   Convenient Transportation
■ More than 10 years of experience
   in glass product manufacturing
■ ISO 9001:2008 Quality controlled
■ Relative Certificates of Conformity
■ Short lead time
■ Professional, High-quality


laminated glass

There is a layer with polyvinyl butyral as the main component of the middle PVB film between two pieces of glass. Even glass shatter, debris will be glued to the PVB film, broken glass surface is still maintain clean and smooth.

Enamelled Glass

Enamelled Glass is tempered or HS glass with surface fully or partially covered after drying by mineral pigments, which bears strong resistance against color fading, against acid and alkali, wear-proof, good anti-aging performance decorative glass.

tempered glass

Tempered glass belong to safety glass, it is a kind of pre-stressed glass, in order to improve the glass strength, usually use the method of chemistry or physics, form surface press stress to offset surface stress, increased carrying capacity,

insulated glass

Insulated glass is also called "Double Glazing Unit", is a multi-glass combination consisting of two or more pieces of flat glass with aluminum frame edge, using structural sealant or welding seal, enclosing a hermetically-sealed air space filled with dry air,