Tempered Glass

waishingglass - Tempered Glass

  • Spontaneous Breakage

    The sudden breakage of tempered glass can be caused by internal stones of the original float glass substrate, in the spontaneous breakage starting point, there are nickel sulphide inclusions. During the tempering process the nickel sulphide inclusion transforms to the high temperature α state and keeps it in normal temperature. Due to it is not stable status in normal temperature, it will transform to the low temperature β status with volume expansion gradually.

  • Tempered glass

    Tempered glass belong to safety glass, it is a kind of pre-stressed glass, in order to improve the glass strength, usually use the method of chemistry or physics, form surface press stress to offset surface stress, increased carrying capacity, enhance wind resistance, continual resistance, impact, etc. According to the shape of tempered glass is divided into flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass.